Tonight at midnight is the witching hour…I don’t mean just Halloween.  Rather, the beginning of the month of writing 50,000 words towards a novel.  This marathon is called National Novel Writing Month, NaNoWriMo for short, or Nano for even shorter.

This will be my first attempt at this.  I’m a little excited, and a little apprehensive.  First, I really am not sure what I’m going to write.  I have an idea for a murder mystery novel, but thinking of just working on some Flash Fiction stories to get my feet wet.  I can always wait until next year to try for the 50,000 word goal…right?  I’m apprehensive, because I have some fears about writing.

I think my most major fear is being judged.  Not only other people judging me, but my self-editor that wants to strive for perfection.  Also, that I will just end up staring at a blank screen, and not being able to come up with anything.

Luckily, I have joined a group of local fellow Nano writers.  I really am hoping to be accepted, and to help support others.  I wasn’t feeling well on the night of the kick off party.  But, there is some write-ins planned including online write-ins.  I’m looking forward to participating!

Another useful thing is that there are professional writers including my favorite, James Patterson who will be writing letters of encouragement.  I just received the letter from James Patterson, and it was cool to have the support of an author that I’ve actually read!  The letter was helpful, and humorous, and I think I’ll read it so often to keep running the race. 

Wish me luck!  As I also wish other fellow Nano writers luck in this project!



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